Unicorn Lady Gaga – Will She Ever Stop Surprising Us or What!!

If you thought that quirky dressing cannot get worse than donning a meat dress at an awards function, wait till you see what Lady Gaga has done now. After a male alter ego, it now seems as if Gaga has got a unicorn alter ego holed up in her. In the latest pictures released by her, Lady Gaga has dressed up like a unicorn; actually there are two different unicorns complete with four hoofed legs, a silky tail and a single long horn on the head.

In the first picture, Lady gaga has transformed into a black unicorn. The picture is in profile and you can see that one long horn sticking out of her head and one of her hands hugging her scalp. The horn too weighty, you say? Perhaps, but we can just hope that she does not attend an awards function in her unicorn outfit. The raw meat dress was bad enough. We doubt if the organizers would agree to provide a stable for her this time.

In the second picture, which is also a unicorn albeit a pastel green legged one, Lady Gaga looks towards the camera. Her blue cape billows out towards the hind quarters of the unicorn, leaving her topless as she poses to cover her modesty with awkwardly angled hands. Some sight this one is!!

Whatever be the extremity which Lady Gaga traverses with regard to her style, you should give her credit for her guts and for the curiosity that she always manages to rev up among her admirers as well as her critics. We can only be glad that her quirky mad sense of dressing has not affected her singing talent, which remains as soulful and melodious as ever.

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